Dear business owner,


    My name is Cynthia Scaglione and I am writing to you on behalf of The P.E.P Center. We are a small, family owned business located on Six Mile Rd. in Livonia, MI. Our business provides quality programs and activities for children and adults with special needs .Our clients have learning and developmental disabilities that vary person to person. One of the goals that we strive for with “P.E.P Centerprises”, our daily skill building program, is integrating our participant’s into the community as much as there individual capabilities allow. Some of our participants hold or have held jobs in the past.


    As part of our initiative to integrate our participants into the community we are seeking out local businesses for our clients to go to and do volunteer work that may lead to part time work. Types of work that “P.E.P Centerprises” participants may participate in may include light janitorial; copy/shredding jobs and general kitchen duties.  After our participants are able to come into your business and complete whatever work you may have available, we would like to blog about it on our website.  Writing a short article on our website about our participants’ experience in the community doing good, honest work will not only provide exposure for your business, it will also give the rest of our clients and their caregivers a clear picture of our activities in the community.


    In summary I believe that you will find what I am proposing is mutually beneficial and  I encourage you to contact me with whatever work you may have available for our participants to take part in. Please use the contact information below should you have any further questions or find that you have opportunities available for our clients. Also, please feel free to check out our website at




Cindy Scaglione


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