Our Leadership

Our highly trained and experienced staff is dedicated to developing and supporting the skills of all participants here at the P.E.P. Center.  We are also very committed to assisting those with special needs in becoming more social individuals. Our staff is dedicated to serving this very unique population of participants as well as helping their families or caregivers to feel confident and comfortable with entrusting their loved one/client to us.

Our P.E.P. Center staff have been trained and certified in First Aid and CPR by the American Red Cross. 

Some of our staff members are trained in other areas such as Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI)

The P.E.P. Center takes pride in that we not only can provide meaningful opportunities for all participants, and "A Place Where All Belong" but we have staff that is skilled in many different areas, whether it be by education or experience.

Cynthia Scaglione

Owner, Founder & President

Special Education Para-Educator

Arts & Crafts Instructor

Mother of 5, Grandmother of 5

First Aid & CPR Trained

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