Skill Building Program

Our day program "P.E.P. Centerprises" is a daily skill shop where participants will be given instruction on daily living skills. Consumers will work on basic job skills such as counting and sorting to build up to participating in micro-enterprising. The following activities may be included in a typical day at "P.E.P. Centerprises:"

1.) The tasks participants are given depend on what their needs are. Some participants focus on hand-over-hand instruction with skill-based tasks and some can focus on more independent tasks given by the staff such as sorting and setting up our greeting card display.

2.) Participants will assist with meal planning and preparation, practicing kitchen hygiene, safety, sanitation and cleanup

3.) Weather permitting, participants may assist in planting and maintaining a garden as well as assisting with some light landscaping.

4.) P.E.P. participants go out into the community to participate in community integration for activities such as Muffin Mondays where they pick up breakfast at Tim Horton’s. Every Thursday participants go to Merri-Bowl in Livonia to bowl. All community integration outings are staffed appropriately.

5.) P.E.P. staff will serve as gentle instructors as well as coaches to help enhance skills in many areas relating to work in the community as well as reinforcing proper social skills necessary to be productive members of their community.

Below is a slideshow showing samples of signature product made by P.E.P. participants. Click HERE to purchase these items at ETSY.COM
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