We at the P.E.P. Center value and appreciate the opinions and feedback of all, thank you to those who stated the following about our programs to date:
"As a first time staff member for the P.E.P., I was very impressed with the rapport with the staff and the participants.  The activities and the individual attention was remarkable.  It was a pleasure meeting and working with staff, parents, and participants.  It was a wonderful experience that will not be forgotten." - Ray Maleyko, P.E.P. Strength and Conditioning Coach
"Frannie is enjoying the P.E.P. camp, it's so well organized and there are lots of activities for the kids.  The one-to-one ratio of child to staff makes sense for a safe environment and the staff are really invested in the staff." - Jackie Carmickle, parent of P.E.P. Participant
"Matthew had a great time at P.E.P. camp this week.  I've never seen him adapt so quickly to a new situation.  He felt very comfortable with the staff and can't wait to come back next week! It's great to have a place where he can go and fit in so well! THANKS!" - Anne Holycross, Parent of P.E.P. Participant
"To the wonderful staff at P.E.P., I can't begin to express how wonderful how wonderful your P.E.P. summer camp has been for Michael.  Every morning he wakes up and asks to go to "camp"  You have to understand this is a 'very first' for him.  He just loves coming there.  I can't begin to thank you for making Michael feel so comfortable in your home.  Your family and staff are so awesome.  This has been a great summer for Michael...and it's just the first week!!!  I know he is looking forward to the coming weeks at camp.  Thank you...thank you...thank you..." - Lori Tabaka, Parent of P.E.P. Participant

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